DvP 024: Eco Energy Home Services

I receive yet another Duct Cleaning phone call from a “company” with the very imaginative name of “The Duct Cleaning Company” but they hang up before I can have any sort of real deep conversation about marketing, websites and SEO with them.

Later, I receive a call from an actual company that apparently has a brick and mortar ‘store front’ here in Toronto. Eco Energy Home Services has returned to my phone even after telling them that I do not want calls from them and reminding them to consult the DNC list over a year ago. Memories are short for this company apparently…. or they just don’t give a crap.


complaint made

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DvP023: Stank Kat!

Here’s a quickie for your Friday afternoon listening pleasure.

Comes complete with a story! You lucked out “Rich”. (see this comment)

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DvP 022

A different kind of call this week from a telemarketer selling home security monitoring. He claims to be from Chubb Edwards and clearly is not. Thanks for subscribing and thanks for the kind tweets and comments.

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DvP 021: Hercules Hercules Hercules !

A series of phone calls from my friends over at Hercules Pharmacy.

The audio equivalent of Viagra and an interview for a co-host.

Thanks for listening!

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From the Hercules Pharma website. Notice the spelling.

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DvP 020 A New Record

I achieve a new record in “helpful” to “cussing” speeds by a telemarketer.

Happy New Year!

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DvP 019 ED

This week on Doug versus the phone, a telemarketer calls into the podcast as we are talking about erectile dysfunction. He seems a bit confused.
Thanks for listening.

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DvP 018

Victor turns Down Rush tickets as he seems to have called in to some sort of a morning zoo radio show.

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DvP 017

EDIT: As wisely pointed out to me by the chief Doug vs the Phone  Historian, the Maharaja Mack Daddy, this is, as it turns out, a clip show that I have unwittingly put together thinking that I had not released these clips. I apologise to the ghost of Calvert Deforest and to you, my loyal listeners for this oversight. Please feel free to skip this… or enjoy it in its new packaged form.

While cleaning out my call recording inbox, I came across two calls from the same non-existent company.
Paramount Heating wants me to get my ducts cleaned and I want the sales force to help me with the podcast and maybe deal with more than dust in the vents.
BTW, thanks to MMD and many others for the great comments over the past little while. They are certainly appreciated.

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DvP 016 MDMA

I get a call from Hercules Pharmacy from Miami Fla. They want to sell me some drugs. Anything, any drug. Even if they don’t carry it.

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DvP 015: Because I’m the Certified Microsoft Technician


My computer is talking to me, but I’m not listening.  Marcus, the Dr. Phil of the “Department of Microsoft Windows Technicians”, tries to help.


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