DvP025: Infinite Fun

I know an old lady who swallowed a fly…


Jennifer and Ryan are the crack marketing team at what appears to be Complete Home Services… or is it Infinity Duct Cleaning?

Jennifer is a patient person, with limits.

Ryan is a whiz at company names and websites, but sucks at telephone numbers and addresses.

What their “company” can offer you:

  • Air Snake Brush ™
  • They Clean the Ductwork AT your house!
  • They have a website (hacked or not) that will offer the “abortion pill”
  • Company phone number given only to interested customers
  • They will call you when you need them
  • They can give you the best service
  • You can trust them…. they say so themselves!
  • DNC list? What’s that?

Serge is frustrated by Jennifer, Ryan and the likes of them. He has since had to rename his company to Mercury Duct Cleaning, thanks in part, to their crazy shenanigans. I will give him the benefit of the doubt… for now.

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2 Responses to DvP025: Infinite Fun

  1. Kate says:

    My boyfriend told me about your podcast and now I’ve been binging episodes. They’re super hilarious! Thanks for putting these out!! In from Avon, Ohio by the way! Can’t wait for the next ones!!

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