DvP 020 A New Record

I achieve a new record in “helpful” to “cussing” speeds by a telemarketer.

Happy New Year!

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1 Response to DvP 020 A New Record

  1. LOL! wow! I’ve only managed to have one swear at me by accident – I really wasn’t trying to be rude. It was someone who spoke North American English. 😉 They called about some kind of magazine deal…
    Him: Your credit card company is offering this [magazine deal] as a thank you for being a loyal customer.
    Me: Um. Ok…
    Him: So we want to get you set up with your two free subscriptions, and of Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and [static, not sure the 5th], which of these do you have?
    Me: [busted into a slight giggle] Well that’s all of them.
    Him: Excuse me, ma’am?
    Me: Well, that’s all of them. I was just surprised because that’s all the major cards, so it’s likely that I have one. I thought you were calling from MY company.
    He was silent for a second, then suddenly mumbles “f*** you” and hands up.
    I really WAS surprised – even more so when he cursed & hung up!
    Poor guy, must have been a rough day.

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