DvP 017

EDIT: As wisely pointed out to me by the chief Doug vs the Phone  Historian, the Maharaja Mack Daddy, this is, as it turns out, a clip show that I have unwittingly put together thinking that I had not released these clips. I apologise to the ghost of Calvert Deforest and to you, my loyal listeners for this oversight. Please feel free to skip this… or enjoy it in its new packaged form.

While cleaning out my call recording inbox, I came across two calls from the same non-existent company.
Paramount Heating wants me to get my ducts cleaned and I want the sales force to help me with the podcast and maybe deal with more than dust in the vents.
BTW, thanks to MMD and many others for the great comments over the past little while. They are certainly appreciated.

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1 Response to DvP 017

  1. bigdaddyhank says:

    This site is giving me trouble today, freezing up in 2 different browsers when I toy with the volume and the play-bar, but no biggie. Got it semi-working and then you played an old classic for me… Yes that second one was definitely a repeat but I didn’t catch on till the very end, lol. So your wife THINKS you’re wasting your time doing this, eh? Lol. Don’t worry, go ahead and have fun with it – I am amused at your amusement. If you can’t be yourself, then who can you be? 😉

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