DvP005: RJ can count!

This episode features a call from RJ. RJ claims to be from the Canadian Online Pharmacy. He proves to be a bit of a joker, but so am I.

The Phone-y Info:

  • Company Name: Canadian Online Pharmacy
  • Caller: RJ or Arjay
  • Supervisor: Apparently unavailable in some meeting… or sleeping… or something unintelligible
  • Caller ID: n/a
  • Contact Number given: 1234567  <— I told you he was a funny guy!
  • Address Given: Toronto

Direct Link to MP3:  DvP005

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2 Responses to DvP005: RJ can count!

  1. Bob Goyetche says:

    Love this!

    My wife hands me the phone when its telemarketing, so I can toy with them. I will now keep a recorder ready to go too..

    And leave the expletives in!

  2. Hank V says:

    Related but unrelated, I’m hearing that some Americans look to online pharmacies based in Canada to get better deals on prescription drugs. Some say that some of these online Canadian pharmacies can be legal and legit ways for Americans to buy drugs, although I have my doubts about that!! And then of course plenty of scams pop up because of those searching the internet for prescription-deals.

    I realize that’s not what was happening here obviously… I heard some horror-stories about how relentless those “Canadian Online Pharmacy” guys will get once they get any sort of sniff that a person might be interested in the least…

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