DvP002: You Don’t Send Me Flowers

Jacob, from my friends/enemies over at Air Duct Cleaning Services gives me a call and talks for a while. He seems to want to stay on script but is willing to spend some time talking and answering a few questions. I think I may even make him laugh a litte bit.

Direct Link to DVP002.mp3

The Phone-y INFO

  • Company Name: Air Duct Cleaning Services
  • Caller: Jacob
  • Supervisor: Paul Adams?
  • Number on CallerID: none
  • Number Given: 905-481-0101
  • Address Given: 3231 Eglinton Ave Toronto
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3 Responses to DvP002: You Don’t Send Me Flowers

  1. John says:

    No one else seems to have commented on this but I have to say hats off to you good sir. Received a phone call from the very same number today and I also have an odd fascination of picking up those calls (mostly because I often feel some sympathy for those call centre fellas who get rejected all the time). After this call all sympathy gone, Couldn’t get a company name, a caller name or any information whatsoever. In fact my caller couldn’t even give me the phone number and got agitated! Although I admit part of it is for kicks you asked some good questions here hope you keep this up and take the game back to these callers!Cheers

  2. Rob Lee says:

    Just listening to you dragging Jacob over the coals… hee-freaking-larious! 🙂 Lovin’ it, keep them coming.

  3. dougvsthephone says:

    Thanks John. Thanks Rob. I’ll keep the episodes coming as long as those jokers keep calling. I have a feeing that there will be no end to that soon.

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